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Who We Are

                         is a tropical paradise for physical, emotional and mental wellness. We are one of the first few locally founded all-inclusive resorts in Bali. We take pride in being not just a retreat & holiday host, but a fully equipped wellness centre and healing sanctuary.


BaliGreen is located upon a small hill surrounded by lush tropical flowers and greenery. We believe in the healing powers of our Mother Nature and are passionate about plants as medicinal nourishment to help to cleanse, detoxify & replenish our body. During your stay with us, we invite you to be mindfully aware of your body -- our body tells stories about ourselves and it always tells the truth if we listen.

We are a part of Sesandan Cultural Heritage, a sustainable eco-friendly cultural tourism initiative that aims to protect our environment and support local communities in Bali. It is our goal to nurture deeply relaxing, fun, wholesome and culturally conscious experiences that our guests will cherish for years to come. 

What We Do

Join us at BaliGreen in an authentic Balinese culture and wellness experience to open up your perspectives, connect with who you are on a deeper level and explore what it truly means to destress and free your body, mind and spirit. 

Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Organic Juice Detox Programs

Balinese Culture Tours

Training Programs

Family Wellcation

Corporate Retreats

Couple's Romantic Getaways

Digital Nomad Stays

Let's collaborate if you'd like to host your own retreats or teacher training programs in magical Bali!  

Our Signature Programs

Take this much-needed time for yourself to observe yourself, understand yourself, reconnect with yourself and learn to love yourself in a kinder way. Come and be showered with the unique hospitality, warmth and kindness of our local Balinese people, learn practices of Yoga, deeply relax every cell in your body with our world renowned Balinese spa treatments, renew and empower yourself with our hugely popular organic detox/fasting programs, and participate in authentic Balinese Hindu cultural excursions and Shamanic rituals.


Balinese Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Reconnect with your true self and become more grounded than ever before. 


Balinese Culture & Spa Getaway

Deeply relax, refresh and renew your body, mind and soul.

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Organic Detox & Wellness Program

Detox every cell in your body with purely organic goodness.


Mental Health & Self-love Retreat

Embark on a deeply transformational journey to self-acceptance and love


Our retreats are fully customisable and family-friendly.
Get in touch with us to personalise a retreat that works best for your needs! 


Click the pictures to see our wonderful activities! 

BaliGreen is at the heart of a thousand-year-old Balinese village called Sesandan. Balinese Hinduism rituals and traditions are omnipresent in our local Balinese life. Tri Hita Karana is our traditional philosophy for life, which sheds light on the Principle of Harmony-- harmony among people, harmony with nature and harmony with God. We kindly invite you to respect our religion and culture just as you'd like others to respect your own. 

Our Happy Guests

BaliGreen has hosted hundreds of guests from all around the globe and will continue to do so with the efforts of all of our staff family. We are brought together by our dedication and commitment to bringing healing, peace, authenticity and love to every guest that stays with us. Our lovely guests have played a great part in our growth as a business and we deeply appreciate your support and interest in our programs.  


Patricia from Australia

We had the best time ever at BaliGreen! 

Everything was exceptional! - the yoga classes, the accommodation & the food. The people of the village were super nice and soo kind! Thank you so much for your hospitality, it felt like a second home to us ! 


Lina from Spain

This place is  beautiful and peaceful, if you are looking for a real rest this is the place. And what it make it more special is the family that welcome you and make you fell like home. And the massages and the spa and the food and the little kittens around  the village is just pretty and special.


Radka from Norway

I was looking for a quiet place to recharge and feel the nature. This retreat was amazing. In the middle of the beautiful jungle, with beautiful people. I picked this retreat because I could go for trips and surfing as well which was amazing. I really recharged after few days spending there. 

timg (17)_edited_edited.jpg

Peter  from the US

We had a wonderful experience.  Customer service was super nice. Spa treatments were top notch. Tours well organized and totally flexible to whatever you want to see. Setting is beautiful and peaceful, nice to be outside the chaos of Ubud and Kuta beach. Yoga teachers were excellent!

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